Shows We've Done

The Wish Maker
by Cynthia Joyce Clay
Thurs-Sun's June 9-July 3, 2017

 "Music of Broken Water" a one-act play in the style of Noh drama. Shuana Burris plays Princess Scylla, Guillermo Ramon plays the Ghost of King Nisus, and Danielle Greenberg plays the Priestess's Attendant, and Cynthia Joyce Clay plays the Priestess. A one-act
A comic ghost one-act, "When I Was Alive" by Guillermo Ramon; Performed by Shauna Burris the Real Estate Agent, Danielle Greenberg as the Ghost, Kandy Gomez as Propective Buyer, and Luis Trevor as Prospective Buyer.
"Belisa and Don Perloba in the Moonlit Garden," a one-act by Cynthia Joyce Clay; Performed by Kandy Gomez Ps Belisa, Luis Trevor as Don Perloba, and Cynthia Joyce Clay as Malcolfa.
A full-length play, Flesh and Blooders, performed by Cynthia Joyce Clay as Judy Punchinello, Shauna Burris as Kalpita Aspera, & Jackson Francoise as Al Lewleighlewya..
A full-lengtth play, A Kiss for Cupid. by Cynthia Joyce Clay; Adreanna Noel plays Sophie, Rubin Fonesca plays Cupid, Tare Glasper plays Harmony, and Cynthia Joyce Clay plays Venus.